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Poseidon2 4002

 Remote monitoring of sensors and detectors: 16+26 sensors, 12 Digital Inputs, 4 Relay Outputs

The Poseidon2 4002 supports up to 16 sensors connected over 1-Wire UNI / 1-Wire, 26 sensors connected by RS-485), 12 detectors connected to digital inputs, and 4 relay outputs to switch low power devices (e.g. sirene, light, HWg PowerEgg).  
A built-in web server is used for configuring. The device can be monitored remotely over the internet using the free portal in combination with the SensDesk Mobile application for iOS and Android. It works with HWg-PDMS and HWg-Trigger.
Poseidon2 devices are designed to monitor and control sensors and digital I/O over the network using secure M2M protocols (HTTPs, IPv6, SNMPv3). With support for over 50 SNMP and SCADA applications, Poseidon2 devices can be integrated in a wide range of monitoring and control systems. MQTT protocol enables integration in IoT solutions.

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Poseidon2 4002 temperature and humidity monitoring device with relay outputs


•16x 1-Wire (UNI) Input for Sensors (Temp, Humid, Light, Current, Voltage)
•26x RS-485 Input for Sensors (Temp Pt100/1000) 
•12x Digital Inputs for Detectors
•4x Relay Outputs (24V DC / 60V AC)
•Data Logger for more than 250'000 records
•5x E-mail alert, 5x SNMP Trap, 5x SMS + Ring alerts
•MQTT compatibility allows connecting to IoT Hub, MS Azure, AWS IoT, Bluemix Internet of Things and other cloud services.
•Connected via LAN. Configuration via built-in web server.
•A sensor value out of a set safe range as well as a DI state change sends an alert by e-mail, SNMP Trap, SMS or Ring.
•For Ring or SMS alarm use the HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway in the same LAN.
•12V power supply (power input 9V to 30V), PoE optional.
•Compatible with a range of third party SW. Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).


All 1-Wire (UNI) sensors and detectors, e.g.:

•600585 Temp-1Wire 3m IP67 (-10° to +80°C), CHF 55.-.
•600586 Temp-1Wire 10m IP67 (-10° to +80°C), CHF 122.-. 
•600311 Temp-1Wire-Outdoor 3m IP67  (-50° to +125°C), CHF 115.-.
•600337 Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m IP67 (-30° to +60°C), CHF 115.-.
•600488 Humid-1Wire 3m, CHF 105.-.
•600489 Humid-1Wire 10m, CHF 164.-.
•600566 Sensor 0-20mA 1W-UNI , CHF 216.-.
•600534 Sensor 60V 1W-UNI v2 , CHF 263.-.
•600427 Smoke detector FDR26, CHF 112.-.
•600463 Flood detector LD-12, CHF 70.-.
•600667 Power Detector 110-230V EU, CHF 60.-.
•600120 3 Door Contacts, CHF 31.-.


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